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Fiber Flexible Scope  VS. Video Flexible Scope (Chip On the Tip)


Video Flexible Scopes (Chip On The Tip) had been in the market for quite a while now.   They seem to carry many advantages for the professional user – user comfort, full image in the click of a button, digital output and high-resolution image – all without the need of connecting the scope to both light source and video camera, not like in the case of a fiber scope.

In most cases there is only one cable connected between the endoscope and the control unit – which makes the whole usage much more convenient. However everything comes at a price, and there are some major disadvantages to the Video technology one must take into consideration before making a purchase:

  1. Not All Models are HD: Only small part of the models are Full HD and those come with a much higher price tag. The rest do allow a full screen image – however with a limitation on the screen size of usually no more than 15’’. This means that the actual image and details seen on the screen are no better than the ones received by using fiber scope with an endoscopy camera, which makes the whole idea of a video scope useless…
  2. Limited Mobility – video scopes (along with their control unit) are heavy and not mobile. When you have several clinics – there is no replacement to a fiber scope with a portable light source.
  3. Endoscope Diameter – most models’ diameter is much higher than 3mm. That means that there is no pediatric solution when it comes to  video scopes.
  4. Expensive Maintanace with Limite Flexibility -the repair cost of a video scope is much higher than that of a fiber scope, and the user is limited to replacing the video scope itself (when there is damage to the scope only) only with a scope made by the video scope manufacturer. When one buys fiber scope with video and light – in case the only thing broken is the scope – one can replace it with any scope of his choice and is not limited to any manufacturer .

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