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ALL 2 MD- We are a Global Distributor of medical equipment for a variety of medical fields with more than 20 years experience. Based in the Netherlands, Our team is composed of medical equipment professionals in selling technologically advanced new medical equipmet. We serve MD specialists worldwide in the fields of otolaryngology- ENT, gynecology- OB & GYN, Orthopedics, Urology, Ophthalmology and Dentistry. We selected our suppliers carefully, making sure they all carry either FDA or CE, ISO and all required certificates, ensuring the quality of the manufacturing process and your ability to smoothly release our products from customs worldwide.

By selling online , and cutting the need of an agent, we can provide you high end products in great prices and save you precious time. We have a precise range of products – carrying the exact products you need to carry major and common procedures in your clinic. We offer free shipment worldwide not only on sales, but also on returns and 100% money back guarantee. All of our products are “plug & play”, no installation required, and carry  up to 24 months warranty. We have a planned after sell strategy to make you safe- with a net of repair service centers and trained technichians through out the world


PLUG & PLAY- we will never blame another distributor

Not only that our products are plug and play when you purchase them, they are also plug and play with any future product that you will buy from us later on. This means that any product you will buy in the future from us will be compatible with items you already purchased from us. You will never find yourself again in the frustrating situation that your old products do not fit your new products and each distributor blame the other distributor for the fault.

Special Pacakges- Our uniqueness

Special Packages- Your online sales representative

Equipping your clinic is much easier when you get all your needs covered in one place. We used our 20 years experience to plan & offer you our unique special packages. All of our special packages were designed carefully, so you will be able to perform all common in clinic procdrues. We made sure all the products carry the right specifications as if you were having a real agent to guide you through the process of purchase. We also provided more options for you to add according to your exact needs. The packages are priced with a major discount – up to 50% less- all to provide you the best service and cut your cost.

Why online?

Shopping online is easier, takes less time and save you money.

If you are used to buying your equipment offline, from an agent, the traditional way, you probably know the hassle and time wasting that can be involved in the process. We eliminate these problems for you by providing all the information you need, available to you at all times and without any hassle Every item and package is tailored to your exact specialty needs, while cutting on our operational expenses by saving the agent cost and commissions. This enables us to provide you high quality equipment at best prices.


Ori Danel

CEO & Sales Director

Sharon Liran

CMO & Client Relations

Shlomo Leor

CMO & Sales

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