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Flexible Fiber Nasopharyngoscope

Flexible Fiber Nasopharyngoscope - buy Flexible Nasopharyngoscope 2.8-3.4mm - Ergonomic Handle


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Flexible Nasopharyngoscope 2.8-3.4MM - Ergonomic Handle, 18K Bundle . Choose diamter according to your needs - pediatric or adult, or both.

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State of the art 2,8-3,4mm Flexible Nasopharyngoscope - Ergonomic Hanle, with excellent optical quality.The ENT flexible endoscope 18K Bundle provides high resolution fiberoptic technology, for crystal clear image with a high focus depth and a great brightness level -equivalent to that of a rigid scope. Ergonomic shape for ease of use and smaller diameter ensures maximum patient comfort. Provided with ETO cap and a case. Leakage tester and fiber cable are optional.

We recommened buying the 3.2 if you perform endoscopy on both adults and children, as well as patients with septum nasal problems.

Technical Specificatons: Insertion tube: Ø 3,4 mm
Usable length: 300 mm
Viewing angle: 85°
Angulation up to/from: 150°/150°
Pixel: 18.000
Handle Type: Ergonomic
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