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Working Units

Working Units - buy Fully Equipped ENT Treatment Unit By ENTERMED


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Ergonomically designed ENT treatment unit, with all you need to perform In Clinic procedures: Video, Light & Suction. Operated by touch screen. High End Design with no knobs and highly hygiene materials.

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ENT Treatment Unit by ENTERMED,The Netherlands, one of the leading treatment Unit manufacturers in Europe. Fully equipped unit completed with video system ( High definition Video Camera and LED light source) , Suction Unit,Heated rigid endoscope holder and Flexible Endoscope Holder.
. Made by the best available hygiene materials. High design with no knobs. Computer controlled by a touch screen. Complementary items can be added according to the user specific needs .

Basic unit Includes:
1. Infrared Sensors- detecting the pulling of the cable, and than turning on the connected device. For Ex. pulling the fiber cable will automatically turn on the light source.
2. Illuminated touch screen- system is computer controlled by touch screen
3. Innovative Storage for cables and hoses- to prevent cables from running loose on clinic floor
4. Library of Videos for children- to destruct their attention from the procedure.
5. Library of Educational images and posters to better explain medical terms and conditions. Illuminated by blue LED lightning to relax patients and provide ambiance.
6. Control all lighting from the unit, including the room lighting.
7. LED indicators to indicate the returning of the cable/hose to its right place.
8. More storage space behind cables/ hoses holder.
9. Suction system
10. Video System - LED light source and High Definition Video Camera with HD C Mount endoscope holder for both rigid and flexible scopes
11. Heated Rigid Endoscope Holder
12. Flexible Endoscope Holder.

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