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Rigid Endoscopes Packages

Rigid Endoscopes Packages - buy Rigid Endoscope & Wireless Camera Package


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The perfect solution to perform rigid procedures while on the move- complete portable rigid & video system . Includes one rigid scope, portable light source and Firefly Digital Wireless Video Camera.

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Do you need to perfeom rigid procedures with video but still be free of any limiatation of cables? This system is a perfect affordable solution - a rigid scope (per your choice) with an LED portbale light source and the amazing FIREFLY camera - innovative digital wireless camera. The FIREFLY camera enables you to stream high quality live video (at 30fps) to a computer, without the need of any video cable! This package containes: 1. Rigid Endoscope per your choice (Laryngoscope, Sinuscope, Otoscope- from the models suggested in our site) 2. 3W LED portable light source 3. Firefly Digital Wireless Video Camera
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