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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping and Delivery

• How is shipping cost calculated?

Shipping cost is calculated based on the total weight of the package and the shipping destination. For more details please refer to our shipping policy.

• How do I qualify for free shipping?

You are eligible to free shipping if your purchase is $750 or more. Free shipping is available for regular destinations only. If you ship to an irregular destination you will be billed only for the additional costs. For more details about destinations please refer to our shipping policy.

• What type of shipping will you be using?

We provide shipping on CIF terms – i.e. to the port of destination. When possible we provide door to door shipping. Please see ourshipping policy for more details.

Customs and safety

• Who is in charge of custom release?

All release fees and costs (including taxes and carrier fees) will be paid by the receiver. International shipments may be subject to import taxes, duties and customs fees which are levied once your package reaches the country of destination, and are the responsibility of the recipient. Please note that all the release process will be done by the receiver and it is the receiver's responsibility to make sure they meet all the requirements set by the country of destination for allowing medical equipment into the country. You will be responsible for assuring that any products you order comply with your country, state and federal government's import regulations and / or law for importing medical goods to your country of destination. Please check TERMS & CONDITIONS for more details.

• Which documents will you supply?

The shipment is sent with a commercial invoice written in the accepted manner required to release items from customs worldwide, stating the actual cost of the shipment, FDA details (if available), manufacturer details and sender details of ALL 2 MD. It is recommended to check in advance with your customs release agent if further documents are required.

• What type of certificates are you carrying for your products?

All of our products carry either FDA or CE certificate (CE or DOC depending on item's safety class), ISO 9001 and usually ISO 13485.

• Who are the manufacturers of your equipment and where are they located?

All of our products are state-of-the-art equipment produced by US, German and Chinese manufacturers.

• Who is allowed to use your equipment and what type of training is required?

In order to use our equipment you have to be a professional buyer with medical experience and proper training on the products you are purchasing from us. You need to be allowed by the laws in your country to use our equipment (which usually requires a Doctor of Medicine degree with proper training). For further details please check our TERMS & CONDITIONS page.

• I have difficulties releasing my goods from customs – what should I do?

In order to avoid difficulties when releasing your goods from customs, we advise you to contact your customs agent in your country as soon as possible after the purchase and consult them regarding the documents required to release your goods. In most countries our commercial invoice should be sufficient, especially if you are importing for self-usage. Usually most problems should be around the following issues: 1. The aim of the import – you should make sure that you declare that the import is for self-usage, as ALL 2 MD sells only to professional end users. In most countries a self-usage declaration is sufficient for release. 2. Batteries and charger – sometimes it is difficult to release a product due to safety issues involving the batteries and charger supplied with some of our products. In that case you should inform your agent that you waive the charger and batteries and you want to release the shipment without it. 3. Further details and declarations are required – these are usually FDA and CE related details. In that case you should contact us and we will do our best to supply you with the necessary documents and certificates.

Return, refunds and order cancellation

• Can I cancel my order? How do I cancel it?

Yes, you can cancel your order within 3 days after you have placed it with no charge, as long as the package has not been sent. In case any special changes were made to your products by your request or you have made a special order – your order can not be canceled and you cannot return the goods. You may decide to return the goods within 7 days of receiving it and receive full refund: just inform us by email within this period of time. In order to cancel your order, please contact us at and provide the following details: Part Number, Serial Number and order number. We may ask you for more details. We will provide you with an RGA number. For further details please refer to our Return and Cancellation policy.

• How do I return my order?

After contacting us and receiving an RGA we will inform you on the method of shipping and how to pack the products. Please note that shipping will be from your drop point i.e. if the initial shipping was in CIF terms, it would be your responsibility to return it to the port for pickup.

• What does it mean shipping back with no charge?

In case of cancellation of an order within 7 days of receiving it, all shipping cost back to us will be on our expense. Returning goods should be in new condition with their original package - unused and unassembled (e.g. if you assemble a chair or a microscope you will not be able to cancel your order). In case your goods were held in customs for more than 18 days not due to any fault of All 2 MD. we will not be able to provide free shipping and there will be a restocking fee of 25%.

• How and when do I receive my refund?

We will notify you as soon as we check the returned products' condition. We will make the refund in the same manner you paid within 7 days of our notification.

Order and payment

• Where can I read the tech specifications for each product?

Tech specifications and product configurations can be found in the detailed description page.

• How can I tell which tech specifications I need?

Every product has a default option which is usually the most common one. You can contact us at with your question and we will try our best to help you.

• Tracking your order

After your order is processed you will be notified by emails regarding its progress – from the acknowledgement till the shipping. We will provide you the shipment tracking number and will track your order until you receive it (port or door to door). Your order's status will be updated in your account.

• Payment options

Payment will be made fully in advance by wire, credit card or PAYPAL. For further details please check our TERMS & CONDITIONS page.

Technical advice and installation

• I need technical advice regarding your equipment.

If you need technical advice, please check first the detailed description of the product where you can usually find all relevant data and catalogues. Also you can check our help data center where you can find manuals, detailed instructables, videos and more information regarding most common technical issues. You can also contact us at and we will do our best to help you.

• How do I install the products I purchased?

Your items are mostly configured to "plug and play", so installation should be easy and intuitive – no special and professional installation required. Should you have any problem please contact us at If necessary we will refer you to installation technicians/companies at your country that can perform in house installation. Note that their services are not included.

• Electricity - do you supply 110V or 220V? Which electrical AC cords are you supplying?

Most of the products have the possibility for the user to choose on spot between 110V and 220V. If stated at the detailed description as an option, you will have to choose in advance the voltage. All products are supplied with German plug. You can either attach to it an adapter or replace it with a local AC cord.

• Do you supply rechargeable batteries and a charger with portable products?

Yes, Rechargeable batteries and charger are supplied with each portable product as a default.

Warranty and repairs

• What is the regular warranty period provided?

Unless stated otherwise on the detailed description product page, each product carries a 12 month warranty period that will start from arrival to your port of destination. The warranty assures that the product is free of defects in workmanship and materials and do not cover any user damage to the product. For further details, please check our TERMS & CONDITIONS page.

• What should I do if my equipment has a malfunction?

If you have a malfunction, whether it is a warranty issue or a user damage, please contact us at with the item Serial, Part Number and your order number and your contact details including a phone number where you can be reached. We will contact you back by email or phone and try to figure out the problem with you. Many issues can be solved remotely. If the issue cannot be solved and the product is under warranty we will provide you an RGA number and instructions on where to send the products.

• Shipping expenses in case of warranty and repairs.

Damaged products will be shipped at the customer's expense. If found to be under warranty we will cover all shipping expenses (not included duties and local fees at your country).

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