carries enzymatic removal
carries enzymatic removal


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BRIX3000® is an innovative dental product that enables the removal of caries  – without any pain! It is the basis for a non-traumatic treatment, which doctors strive for in the care of their patients. It is perfect solution during COVID 19, as it reduces the creation of aerosol due to the lack of drilling.

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Brix3000® is a medical device product for dentists based on enzymatic technology and specially designed for the atraumatic caries removal, i.e. without the use of anesthesia and reducing the use of turbines. This is an innocuous water-based gel which is totally safe for any kind of patient as it does not contain toxic or irritating components. Brix3000® has been clinically tested and is safe for patients of all ages, even those with systemic diseases, disability or pregnant women. BRIX3000® is an enzymatic gel with a selective activity – it does only work on the infected tissue caused by the caries, preserving the tissue, which has regenerative and remineralization capacity. Reduces the risk of COVID 19 transfer – as it reduces drilling in the clinic.

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