Diagnostic Audiometer

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Premium 2-Channel Tone- and Speech Audiometer. Stand-alone or PC operated • Air- & Bone-Conduction, Free Field, • additional Connector for Insert-Phone or HF-Headset • Standard Frequency Range 125 Hz to 12.5 Hz

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Software for Standalone Audiometer

Fully customized and easy installation software for storing data produced during audiometery testing. With special tests enabled and advanced print management.

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Stand-alone and fully PC operable (Optional). It is large and has ergonomic designed control panel . It features anaudiogram form mount with LED back-light –  for half automatic recording in standalone mode, as well as first-class magnetically detent level dials, and a standard line Input for speech material from CD‘s or PC. Interfacing the device to its dedicated PC software, increases its features even further on: simultaneous operation on device and PC, automatic recording of examinations in integrated database, sophisticated reporting of results and speech tests from hard disk, . The device is built as a tabletop unit but can also be fully embedded into the audiometer table.

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