Digital Stroboscopy System

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A revolutionary Digital Stroboscopy system – fully portable and stand alone. For both stroboscpoy and endoscopy. USB control unit.

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Fully Portable Stroboscopy system, controlled by app, for use in various locations- just add a computer (laptop or desktop) or tablet with a free USB port. The USB stick operates as the control unit of the stroboscope. The high power LED light source and the microphone are connected directed to the USB stick. No need for a second light source – The light source can be used both for Stroboscopy and for Endoscopy. In stroboscopy mode select between slow motion (frequency 0.1-10.9HZ) and still frame with 360 deg phase change. Can connect to any Endoscope ( Storz Compatible) and any equipment you already have. Microphone range 70-1100HZ.

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Weight 35 kg