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Shipping Policy is the only medical equipment webstore to provide free international shipping on most products for purchases greater than $750.

How do I qualify for free shipping?

When you reach 750$ value of order, shipping will automatically be reduced from your cart for most items.

How is my order sent?

We determine the appropriate shipping method and carrier by taking into account the shipment's dimensional and actual weight, your country of destination, the package's requirements etc.

The shipping method are by post (mainly for small, low value items), by courier (for example TNT, FEDEX etc.) or by freight forwarder. We may ship it by air or by sea (mainly for large volume items like furniture, microscopes etc.). We make all efforts to provide you the fastest, most reliable method according to your package dimensions, delicacy and country of destination.

Is the shipping cost calculated in the order final?

The shipping cost presented in the checkout process is calculated as a standard shipment to common countries.

Please note that the shipping cost offered in the order is an estimation and may change in case sending to your destination requires additional expenses (such as in Russia, South America, Alaska etc.) or if unexpected expenses occur (may happen in some destinations due to lack of logistics solutions in the area).

When we receive your order we will notify you in advance of any extra cost for your shipment. Should you decide not to add this cost we will cancel the order and credit you the whole sum of your purchase.

Which countries are included in your free shipping offer?

Our free shipping offer is valid for all standard destinations. This includes the USA, Europe, India, Japan, China, Australia and other nearby countries. If your destination is not within these countries/areas and you would like to check if you qualify for free shipping, please contact us at

When will my shipment arrive?

Arrival times may vary according to the shipping method, your destination, regulations requirements and other reasons not always under our control.

Orders are usually shipped within 7-12 business days of payment (depending on availability in stock, your specific requirements etc.). However, in some unusual cases shipping time may reach up to 30 working days and in rear instances perhaps even more. We do our best to provide you the fastest, most reliable method according to your package dimensions, delicacy and country of destination.

Can I decide if I agree to your shipping method and type prior to shipment?

Yes, off course! After you complete the order we will contact you and let you know the chosen method and the type of shipment, prior to shipping. If you don't approve of our shipping plan you have the option to either cancel the order with no charge or to collect it by yourself. In such case you will be responsible for all shipping expenses.

What is the type of shipment you provide? Door to Door? CIF?

As we always strive for door to door shipment, in some countries and in heavy shipments it is just not possible – In such cases the shipment will be CIF (until the port) and you will need to release and pick it by yourself.

Who is responsible for the release of my items from customs and for any import taxes and customs fee?

No matter the type of shipment chosen, all release fees and costs (including taxes and carrier fees) will be on the receiver's expense. International shipments may be subject to import taxes, duties and customs fees, which are levied once your package reaches its country of destination. These expenses will be covered by the receiver. The release process will be done by the receiver and it is the receiver's responsibility to assure they fulfill all the country of destination's regulations in order to enter medical equipment into the country.

Customs fee

You will be responsible for assuring that any products you order comply with your country, state and federal government's import regulations and / or laws for importing medical goods to your country of destination. Please note that it is your sole responsibility to make sure you have all approvals required by law to enter your order to your country of destination. Please note that all shipments to international destinations may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied by the importing country at the time the shipment arrives in your country. All applicable duties, taxes, fees including forwarder releasing fees and any additional charges for customs clearance are your responsibility.

Can the shipment be sent on my expense with my courier?

Yes! Just contact us after purchase at and let us know your preferred shipping method. In case you were charged with any shipping cost - we will credit you fully for those charges. We will ship the items in the smallest and safest package available and will do our best that it will cost you the least to import it.

Insurance of items

All products are insured with up to 750$ value insurance. Insurance is valid until port in the case of CIF or until the receiver's door in Door to Door. In case the item is held (for any reason) in the port for more than 14 days the insurance will be until port only and will not cover any loss or damage. If you need a higher coverage limit, please contact us or ask your import/export insurance provider to cover the shipment.

Which notifications will I receive regarding my order and shipment?

Order Acknowledgement

Once your order is placed, All 2 MD will provide you with information on your order with an Order Acknowledgement Email. If you have multiple items on your order, you may receive additional emails for each item. The Order Acknowledgement provides a summary of all the items on your order. For pickup items on your order, the Order Acknowledgement will display contact and further required information.

Shipment Notification

We will send you a Shipment Notification email when the item ships from our warehouse. The Shipment Notification includes the carrier name, tracking number, and a deliveries by date. You can click the tracking number link to track your package on the carrier's website.

Pickup Notification – for self-pickup

Once your items are available for pickup, we will send you a Pickup Notification email providing contact details and pick up location address.

To pick up your items let us know in advance who your shipment provider is. They will have to bring a filled airway bill including your order number.  

Pickup Reminder

We'll send a Pickup Reminder email if all of your items have been available for three days.

Shipment progress notifications

We will notify you from time to time of the status of your shipment, including its location, regulatory requirements etc.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at

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